On the hell of status bars in iOS 7

I installed the new iOS 7 SDK and the corresponding Xamarin.IOS SDK. It was cool to have the iOS 7 simulator running on my laptop and be able to play with iOS 7 a little bit.

However, hell ensued when I ran the app that I've been working on, which was targeting iOS 6. It's not that it crashed or anything, but some very strange UI things were happening. For example, Apple decided that the status bar is something that should now be juxtaposed directly on top of any view hierarchies that you've setup. WTF, Apple? You're killing me here.

It turns out that I'm not the only one struggling with this. Googling "iOS 7 status bar" yields an enormous number of posts from other folks also trying to figure out Apple's new twisted paradigms.

One of the best posts I found is from Jared Sinclair. He describes the nuances of status bars in his post, Wrestling with Status Bars and Navigation Bars on iOS 7. I highly recommend reading it if you've been pulling your hair out over this one.

Again...WTF, Apple?

Holy smokes, here's another REALLY great post on the pains of the status bar in iOS 7 from Taylor Case at Double Encore: Developer’s Guide to the iOS 7 Status Bar.

Another great post on this that has been been very helpful for me, from Stack Overflow.