Partial solar eclipse visible across MN this afternoon

Weather conditions sound like they'll be perfect across MN this afternoon for viewing the partial solar eclipse. The event will begin at about 4:30pm and will peak right before the sun slips below the horizon around 5:30 - 6pm. Maximum eclipse will occur at 5:30pm. All times here are for the East side of Minnesota. So basically they'll be a crescent sun hanging at the edge of the world at sunset. It'll really be something to see. Another eclipse won't be viewable in North America until 2017, so take the time to observe this event if you can. Remember to NOT try to view it with your naked eyes or sunglasses. Use some welding glass or a homemade pinhole viewer. Also, another strange phenomenon to witness is that there will be crescent shaped shadows everywhere. Look at the shadow of your own hand against a surface and you'll see this wacky phenomenon.

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