Xamarin releases an online tool for checking how mobile-friendly your existing .NET code is!


When evaluating a new mobile project, the technical stakeholders will more than likely be asking the question, "How much of our existing code can be leveraged?" And rightly so; code re-use is one of the fundamental tenets of object oriented programming.

A really great online tool announced today by Xamarin goes a long ways towards answering that question: .NET Mobility Scanner. To quote the site:

"scan your compiled .NET code for compatibility with Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store — directly in the browser"
Holy flippin' awesome!!! This kind of insight can help technical stakeholders make quick decisions about whether or not their .NET code base is cleanly separated enough to use as-is in a mobile project, or whether refactoring will be necessary to get it mobile-ready. Wow! Nice work, Xamarin!